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Companion Voice Selection Updates



When you select a companion and click on it several times, they rant and complain in a symilar way to warcraft or baldurs gate.  but in POE 2 is difficult for them to rant or complain , you neeed to click more that 15 times to get the special rant.  It would be better if it was like in baldurs gate 1 , when the player clicks in the companion too much, the complains  happen just after some clicks.

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Hey Nouser!


Thanks for the feedback with the companion VO!  I sent the request to the team for a review so they can consider it for Deadfire or future Obsidian games.  If you have anything else to say about the topic, please continue to post about it here so the team can see it when they look to this for a reference.

Thanks again Nouser!

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