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[Bug 4.1] Brilliant Tactician


Please check the video: link


I have:

- orlan tactician/trickster

- pale elf tactician/ghostheart

- human streetfighter/ascendant (for phantom foes)


and do summon 2 rotghasts.


The encountered bugs are:

1). at the start of combat (0:23) orlan gets the Brilliant buff, even through rotghasts are not yet flanked.

2). after my orlan self-inflicts flanked (via blunderbuss modal) (0:44), and removes it via Disciplined Strikes, she doesn't get Brilliant back.

3). after my orlan gets physically flanked between the rotghasts (1:10) and runs away to get rid of flanked, she doesn't get Brilliant neither.

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Hello Max,

Thank you for the detailed report and video to boot!  I put the information into a report and sent it off to the QA and Systems Design teams to investigate.  If you happen to discover anything else about Brilliant Tactician, please continue to post about it here as I linked this thread into the report as a reference.

Thanks again for all the help Max!

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It looks to me that the first bug is related to having more than 1 tactician in party.


For example I have added one more, and now have 3 tacticians: see screenshot

The first two got, for some reason, the Brilliant_Tactician buff (even though the Rotghast is not flanked), while the last one didn't.


Also I have taken a look at the related abilities: Brilliant_Tactician and Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden.


If I understood correctly, here's what they do: 

Brilliant_Tactician (ability):

    If ((combat_time_elapsed > 1s) && (there_is_at_least_one_enemy_in_30ft_radius) && (has not Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Trigger)]
    Then give Brilliant_Tactician_SE_Brilliant

Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden (ability):
    - has a 150ft aura that checks:
        (IsCharacterInCombat && is IsFriendly && !IsDestructible && IsFlanked) ||
        (IsCharacterInCombat && is !IsFriendly && !IsDestructible && !IsFlanked)

    - this aura gives [Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Transfer] which gives [Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Trigger](StackIfAlreadyApplied)
Since there is AuraAbilityComponent at hand... could it happen that auras from multiple tacticians mess with each other?

Also it's unclear if that aura gives Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Trigger to everyone matching, or only to tactician.


And lastly: could the bug #2 be caused by StackIfAlreadyApplied on Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Trigger? I.e. tactician gets multiple instances of Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Trigger (which prevent Brilliance), but only one instance/layer is removed on unflanking himself.

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So... my current understanding is:

- these bugs only occur when there is more than 1 tactician in party. (tehehe and I wanted to have 4 of them)

- the bug #1... could possibly be explained in the following way:


As we know:


> Tactician gets SE_Brilliant if he doesn't have Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Trigger on himself.

> Tactician gets Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden_SE_Trigger if there are flanked allies or unflanked enemies in 150ft aura range.


And what could be wrong:


> The aura places SE_Transfer on all those who match the condition. After that, this SE is transferred to the tactician and triggers SE_Trigger. And if tactician has SE_Trigger he loses SE_Brilliant.

> But it looks that the last tactician "steals" SE_Transfer (from enemies) for himself.

I.e. the first tactician's aura places SE_Transfer on matching targets.

Then the second tacitian's aura places SE_Transfer on matching targets. And perhaps it overwrites it on enemies, or something... but only the last tactician gets SE_Trigger, while the others don't, even if there are unflanked enemies.


This could also possibly explain the bug #2 and #3.

The last tactician is presumably affected by more SE_Trigger instances than he applied with his own aura, and thus he never gets rid of SE_Trigger. And that's why he doesn't get SE_Brilliant...



But this is just a speculation, as I don't know what is the real order ingame:

- aura1, aura2, aura1_SE_Transfer, aura2_SE_Transfer, or

- aura1, aura1_SE_Transfer, aura2, aura2_SE_Transfer


Also, could it be that:

- Brilliant_Tactician_Hidden aura stacks on friendlies, but doesn't stack on enemies?

- or SE_Transfer to lose ownership when multiple instances override each another, or parent aura is suppressed?

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