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Interface Freezing - Game Breaking



I previously played PoE II with no major issues well into the game. I returned to experiment with the turn based patch. Since that patch, I am now experiencing the same issue experienced by many others previously, where I cannot even successfully make it through character creation before the interface locks up. The mouse cursor remains mobile, sound continues to play, and it sounds like interface items can be manipulated, but the graphical display remains incurably frozen. 


Attached hereto are my dxdiag and output logs. No save game is available for obvious reasons. I have tried reducing graphics quality to low, altering or disabling a number of options such as vsync, disabling telemetry, switching between fullscreen and windowed mode, verifying files, running the game in administrator and windows8 compatability. Same results with all options. The game is effectively non-functional as it stands now.



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Just to update this, I never received any fix or further follow-up. I have similar, though not as significant, issues with Pathfinder Kingmaker and interface screens. I thought it was something unique to me and I wasn't going to push it, but I've seen others post about similar issues, and one of my friends actually just told me has the exact same issues with PoE II, so it can't be something specific to only me. Some official response would be nice, even if it boils down to you're SOL bu y a new graphics card.

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