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POE 1 Game story stats+ poe1 stat checking/cheat+ save backup

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Just installed  POE2 Deadfire after ending poe1 , although i think its better to create  custom Poe 1 game stats , which is possible through the game menu . But  there are essential questions that need to be answered regarding the Poe1 Game stats (story continuity / story legacy) . hopefully these questions will be useful to other players as well :


1) How do i apply the story Poe1 game stats that are done in the game menu (used to create a custom Poe1 story)   to a new deadfire game (im not talking about importing) ?


2) Is there a way to check or change your  custom poe1 game stats story choices during the middle of a started game? perhaps through the console or through cheats?  or through the game fies? . i think this important to the player checking that the story choices were chosen correctly and to avoid errors.


3) Is there a way to create (copy) save backups for the  files of the custom story Poe1 Game story stats ? where are such fies stored ? i think its important to create game backups to preserve the game integrity.



Thanks for the help.  


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Berath walks you through everything at the beginning. You select your custom history during her conversation.


I dont know.


I dont know and i dont think its necessary. The game saves all your custom histories for use.


I had trouble understanding most of what you wrote. I believe you to be talking about the custom history created in the deadfire history creator and not the actual poe1 end game save. My actual poe1 end game saves were in some wonky unexpected place and not in my poe1 steam folder.

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Yes. im talking about the custom story you create through the menu.  you said you select the story through berath. if thats the case, what it matters the story you create through the main menu  (through options and then set poe1 game stats)  ?



also, checking the poe1 story choices in the middle of the game (if its not possible through the console perhaps through files such as pdf in the deadfire game folders)  i think it is useful  just to garantee your story choices were done in a correct way.



thanks again



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If I understand your question correctly the legacy creator is there to just set up a story without having to play PoE1 again. So if you want to use your old PoE1 save you don't use the save creator.


I don't know how you can check your story choices in game. There are some instances where characters will call back to what happened in the previous game, it's indicated by an icon. If what they say is contradictory to what actually happened in your game then it's a bug.

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I just noticed that after creating the new story in the main menu ,  you may apply it after talking to berath (the initial cards thing, before character creation) .


but regarding the created story in the menu. is it possible to check the story choices in the middle of the game? and where is the custom story created through the menu stored ?

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