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Never Cast Disintegrate on a Mage with Arcane Reflection

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Hhmmmm... what will happen if both - the caster and the target - have Arcane Reflection up? Will the spell bounce until one Reflection runs out? Never tested this ingame... :w00t:

Apparently this happens with the Minoletta's sigil thing (lvl 8 or 9 wiz spell) if you cast it on yourself and beat on Sigilmaster boss.  Endless loop.

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I had some spell reflect gear on Eder and when attacking a sigiled mage, if I procces the spell reflect it would do infinite damage to the mage. It's not about infinite bouncing two reflects, it's that the first reflect will proc sigil again, except the target is now the mage (because that's where the sigil damage originally came from), which procs sigil again, etc until the mage is dead.

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