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I vaguely remember someone posting a monk strategy to kill dragons with the monk injury attack that jumps.

It was mentioned that on a dragon with no ads there is an item to spawn hostiles so you can still jump and apply several injuries.

Sadly i don't remeber the name of the thread or who posted it.

I'm interested in the item to spawn hostiles for my own ends, mainly easier unbending stacking vs Dorudugan (or smth :p).

What is it called and where does it drop?


edit: I'm an idiot and forgot essence interrupter can also spawn hostiles if not upgraded, sorry but I can't delete the thread.

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You are welcome :)


P.S. You are probably aware that that weapon was changed to apply injury only to non-injuried enemies. But just in case)


Yes, I'm not doing this for a monk, but for a Tactician/Bloodmage. :)

Just tested it and it works like a charm, essence interrupter is much better than the belt tho, if I kill a level 4 phantom with it it seems almost guaranteed to get a hostile, while the flame blight takes forever to proc, at least on a high defence target like Doru.

This also confirms my long suspicion that wall of draining doesn't need to actually steal duration of beneficial effects from hostiles, since neither the dargul/imp from interrupter nor the blight from the belt have buffs, but unbending gets duration added as needed. :)


edit:after further testing the flame blight doesn't seem to have a duration, so it is actually better than the essence interrupter, as long as you don't kill it it will provide draining wall target practice forever, since it is also immune to Dorus Fire nuke.

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