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Rerolled chanters keep their chants



If you prepare a chant and then reroll the character and choose different abilities, those chants still remain in the chant book and you can use them even though you don't have the ability.


For example my chanter had Her Courage Thick as Steel before reroll. Once I rerolled, I still had it in my prepared chants and it worked in battle.


EDIT: only the prepared chants remain after reroll. If you remove the prepared chants after reroll, you can't choose them again but if you don't remove them from prepared chants you can use chants that you don't actually have.

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Hello Hollerer,


I'm sorry for the inconvenience of this long standing bug.  I believe you are referring to this issue here:




If that's the case, it looks like the issue is awaiting a patch to get implemented into Deadfire.


Thank you for reporting the issue to us, and sorry for the inconvenience it has been causing.

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