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Ydwin commenting on encounter with Rymrgand before it happens.


Hello there!


I've just picked up Ydwin, and I've been mucking around with her new dialogue tree. Thanks for that. She's good fun, if 'fun' is the right word.


However I've noticed it's possible to discuss events with her that haven't happened yet.


I've emailed a save file. If you speak to Ydwin, and follow the dialogue tree thus:




1. I'd like to ask about your condition


On the next branch, it appears you can pick any option and it doesn't make much difference, but 3. "Fine, don't tell me" is the quickest for purposes of recreating this


Afterwards you're given the option: 


1. We spoke with Rymrgand. To his face. Kind of.




In the save file I've sent, I've yet to encounter Rymrgand.


Thank you.


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Hello Luke!


Thank you for the assist on this!  I received your email with the save file, put it together with a report, and sent it along to the team to start their investigation into this issue.  If you notice anything else about this, please continue to post it here as I will be linking this thread to the bug report so the team can use it as a reference.


Thanks again for the help!

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