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[Bug 4.0] Arcane Archer not scaling as expected



My understanding is that the Arcane Archer imbue effects should benefit from PL scaling similarly to spells.  For imbue missiles I think that means .5 missile per PL and .25 PEN per PL.  So if I'm PL 6 that should mean +2.5 (aka 2) missiles and +1.25 PEN.   I'm seeing the additional missiles (I get 5), but not the additional PEN (it only shows a PEN of 7, which is the base).  This seems like a potential bug, but I wanted to be sure I understood how it was intended to work.

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1 hour ago, Majber said:

How is progress towards that community mod?

It’s currently in beta, so use at your own discretion. The PEN fix worked, though you might have to wait till a level up, or respec your character till it activates. The only downside is that the PEN boost not only applies to imbued spells, but the shot itself giving you easy overPEN. If it is just the fix you are interested in, it’s in extras.


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