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Are the Huana the worst? [spoilers]

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what best for ruautai are stop them to be imperialistic thug just try to strong arm everyone and everything

what they think they want are not what they need

and anti caste system was never a strong argument against huana

support vtc rdc just make one more caste on the top

old blood maybe even worse

new blood will break everything which may include caste system and everyone alive

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I'm not exactly sure that the Huana mean well, when I see them systematically oppressing a group of their people, the Roparu (?) in the name of their traditional cast system.  Do they have the potential to grow out of that?  I think we'd all like to think "yes", but I'm not so sure.  Caste systems historically seem very difficult to break, I think.  And a conqueror might find it easier to break the Huana caste system rather than the Huana doing it themselves.



Regardless, it's a very interesting thing to think about and discuss.  And I agree with the final sentence above.



I suppose for myself, I have a hope for it to break both from the actions and words the Watcher can offer regarding the disparity in the castes - as well as people like Tekehu. Those forward thinkers who, while dedicated to the Huana people, can still see potential for change. And more so, are willing to strive towards that despite the likelihood of it being a difficult road. In the end, should the Huana grow beyond their traditionalist caste system, I believe they would be far better off for the struggle than they might be under the thumb of the VTC or RDC. It may not be change that is quite so... immediate, as the other two might offer/force upon them. But it may pay off far better for the whole of the Huana people, over the long term. 


Of course, I may simply be just as naive as my first Watcher! But it's the hope for a better future, free of conquerors, that would push me towards supporting the Huana efforts over the rest... while none-too-subtly badgering them about the problems their caste system presents:cat: 

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