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Mohora Tanga + Gold disappearing





Mohora Tanga- harpooning (damage + pen scale with survival) works until I unequip or upgrade; then harpooning is permanently lost. this is replicable. if you upgrade and equip, it works correctly until you unequip. then the harpooning bonus is lost.


Gold randomly disappears when moving things around in inventory or character select. Changing characters or swapping items can cause gold to drop to 0 or 1.


edit: i for sure observed this upon loading a save game. sometimes the same game file will load with the proper amount of gold (in this case, 17,973); sometimes it will load incorrectly (0 or 1 gold).

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Hello Legion,


Thank you for reporting these issues to us!  The money issue is caused by the bug where you are being charged multiple times for your crew Daily Wages.  We have a fix being worked on that should be in the next patch for this.  In the meantime, reloading the same save has been fixing the problem for folks as a quick fix for now.


In regards to Mohora Tanga, I'll put in a bug report for this and have the QA and Systems Design team investigate it for a fix.


Thanks again for the help and sorry for the inconvenience.

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