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Please share with me a 5 character party build against Belranga

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I just finished the game.  All my characters are Level 20 with the best gear.  Fighter (main), Eder, Ydwin, Tekehu and Aloth.


I tried going at Belranga and no dice.  I did everything I could from a strategy standpoint and got wiped out.  My RPG gaming skills go back to Baldur's Gate and even earlier.  I had no problem with the adra final boss dragon but this giant lobster is another problem.


Any thing that could help me take this lobster out (in Classic) difficulty will be very much appreciated.

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Replace Aloth with Xoti and do the Brilliant + SoT thing. You’ll kill her no problem (though it’s a lengthy fight.) Keep a few of those luminous adra potions handy for when Belranga inflicts two wounds onto a party member.

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I've soloed her with monk/cipher  ( in classic) but it should be doable with Ydwin with right setup, the only benefit of monk was high INT (longer buffs). You need Magnera's Chain, Blunting Belt, Cadhu Scatlh (modal on, max athletic to boost deflection and mitigate overpenetration from her crits), rings of regenaration, some necklace to boost INT(Charm of Bones) , shark soup for food, abraham for pet (healing at the beginning), some stuff to boost ACC (Acina's Tricorn, bracers) and last piece of puzzle  is Eccea's Arcane Blaster. Stay behind wall of spiders, buffs all time up (Borrowed Instinct/Body Attunement), kill minions. When she is in 120s with delection You can star pew pew her with Imbued Ammunition (special modal, deals crush/corrode and that is where her AR is weakest). You should have enough focus to keep the buffs up, maybe even for some disintegration (I've landed few). I didn't went for lower defences on her because she deals more damage with each dead spider. Good luck.

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Every rogue class with gouging strike can solo her. Best would be a rogue / chanter, because you get unlimited summons and you should cast great maelstrom to kill the little spiderlings to decrease her deflection until you can hit a gouging strike. After that, smoke veil out and hide at the entrance until she dies.

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My team for taking her down without cheese;


1) tank

Paladin/rogue (trickster)

Aim for maximum pierce armor rating.


2) healer

Chanter (troubadour) / druid (lifegiver)

Wearing all +healing gear, furrantes breastplate and leandras devotion shield.


3) cipher (ascendant) / barbarian (berserker)

In first stage for taking down burrows (drop disintegrate on every burrow, in 3-4 ascended cycles theyre all down). Later for brilliance on healer/tank and dps.


4) DPS

Dual sceptres for crush dmg.


5) DPS

Something with a lot of PEN.



Also use sharksoup or items for dex affl immunity. Bring adra potions.



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