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Hi everyone.


First, english isn´t my mother tongue, so please be indulgent to my mistakes. :-)


I stopped playing PoE 2 a few months after release.

But now, serveral patches and DLS later and playing Pathfinder i want to come back.

Im that type of gamer, who plays more than one save at the same time.^^


My 2 questions are:


What will be the optimal choice for maximum story experience? Class, Race, Background? Cipher i think will be one part?


And what will be one of the "Tier 1" Class for Damage oriented playstyle? Prefer Magic over Melee / Ranged. One of the Builds in the Builds List Thread?



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Optimal choice for the story experience is the one that you like.  The differences aren't all that significant.  Skills and faction reputation drive dialogue/storybook options more than race/class/attributes do, and Obsidian did a better job than they did in the first game, where nearly everything was RES/Lore/Orlan/Cipher. 


The only thing I'd strongly recommend is that PER is now the most important stat for both conversations/interactions and in-engine gameworld exploration (spotting traps & secrets).  It's also among the most important combat stats for a lot of builds. 

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Yeah, Paladin/Chanter is on my "watchlist" too. Because of the summons, he is not on my first place.^^ Maybe it will be a pure wizard...

A paladin/chanter can entirely ignore summons. Just using Hel Hyraf and Killers Froze Stiff is enough to crush almost everything on PotD.

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For story i read about Cipher/Priest/Druid + Diplomacy + Aristocrat + Deadfire Archipelago. Hm, will see...

That's based on a raw count of how many dialogue/interaction nodes acknowledge each variable.  It doesn't reflect the significance of them-- many just insert an aside like "you're from around here, so you know what it's like" and progress into the next node just like it does with a non-qualifying character.  So the total number isn't going to tell you a whole lot. 

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