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[Bug] The Ooze moves smooth, my heroes don't



So last night I went out to find and kill the Ooze mega boss.


Found it, and killed it after like 2 hours of fight. Ridiculous long. But thats not the issue.


We have a serious pathing issue with the area/boss. Let me elaborate on that.


Positioning is the key to win this fight and so I had to shuffle my people around a lot. Trying to stop the Ooze from merging again - at times just by blocking its path.


But when the repositioning was ordered my heroes got blocked themselves by invisible forces that seem to be around the Ooze. Stretching far beyond their own bodies.


Imagine you have a tank at one Ooze (Pic 1) and want that tank to adjust its positioning (Pic 2). But all of a sudden then he runs all the way around the Ooze to the other side (Pic 3) and not responding to any other input you give. The brown stripes represent the "no-go zone".


Also when the Ooze is close to each other but still have enough distance to fit at least 2 heroes between them, the heroes path is completely blocked for some reason. Not being able to get in between (Pic 4).


This was extremely frustrating. Since my group members were running to places I never ordered them to quiet often. One time even ruining the whole fight due to the pathfinding bug.


I hope you get what I'm trying to describe. Wish I had a video of it to show it to you.


Maybe my epic drawing skills (deviantart, here I come) can be a little help.


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Hello Anarath!


Thank you for reporting this!  I'll put a report together and send it to the team to investigate.  If you discover any more about this, please feel free to continue posting about it here as I will be linking this thread to the bug report to be used as a reference for the devs.


Thanks again Anarath!


P.S. Your drawings are awesome :)

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