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[] Can't change mod load order



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Hey Proto,


I put a bug report together for this and sent it to the programmer who set up the Mod system to take a look at.  If you discover anything else about this please feel free to post it here as this thread is linked in the report and will be used as a reference.


Thank you for letting us know about this!

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the issues is still going sadly.


the man issue is i need to lower Single & Multiclass progression fixes  and LEVEL CAP RAISED TO 33! in the load order but every time i restart it keeps getting put higher on the list. both are on steam



Nevermind this is ever worst. If i exit the game then come back to the game the load order changes back to what it started as. It seems to load in the order that i installed them into the game


we need a mod order save button it would help a lot. Is there a file that the order is stored in so i can just edit it their?

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