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[BUG] Ability bug in Events




recently I have a bug during events. When there is an ability test in events, I can't choose a character anymore. Instead, the game chooses automatically an character for me.




In the event a group of ogres is in front of me and I have dialogue choice of sneaking closer. Normally, I can choose the character with the highes stealth rate. Now the game chooses automatically a character (which of course failes most of the time).


Couldn't find a bug like this in the threads. Obviously, I can't play the game like this. Can anyone help?


The savegame is attached.


Thanks a lot and greetz!

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Hello Chucky,


I'm sorry you've run into a bug with character choice in your interactions.  I didn't see the save attached anywhere, but these forums don't provide a lot of space, so it may not have linked properly.  Would you be so kind as to send that save to me at support@obsidian.net along with your user name and a link to this forum thread so I can reference this easier?  Once we have that, I can set up a report for the Area Design and Narrative teams to investigate so we can get any needed fixes implemented into the game.


Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience this is causing.

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