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I made a new mod


level and ability cap increaser 1.0 Mod (LACI 1.0)


on github



and nexusmods


What does it do?
- This mod increases the level AND the ability cap to level 20.  ( Yep, just 20 but with abilities ;). You won't know where to put them all )
- This mod removes the helm restrictions for Godlike. Their boons are worth nothing at level 20 and so this restriction is no longer justified.
- This mod removes the bonus xp for smaller parties and the penalty for not-in-Party-PCs. Main PC and all other party PC always get 130% of the base xp. Exception are PCs on adventure. They get the +X% xp extra. ( I to often found myself solo, missing a lot of comments from the others, just to get more xp for me and the companions)

How to install?
- Just extract the archive into the main Pillars of Eternity folder.

!!!The code of this assembly-csharp.dll and the unity3d files is property of Obsidian Entertainment!!!

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