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[Request] Expose Ranger's Animal Companion Name and Icon

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Dear Developers,


Would it be possible to expose in the gamebundle files the Animal Companion's name (the string used which constains the player's chosen name for the animal) and the Animal Companion interface Icon?


If this is made possible, then we would be able to create new animal companions from the various monsters/pets from the game and allow it to have its own Icon with the name given at the Character creation screen when selecting the Animal Companion, similar to the existing animal companions (wolf, deer, bear, boar, etc.).


Also, expose the ID from "Game.GameData.CharacterStatsGameData, Assembly-CSharp" the summon/prefab/animal companion will use isntead of having it fixed on the Prefab file.

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This is a kind of idea that makes you 'huh? we don't have companion mods?"


Have I missed some? I've seen the wonderful panther and bird companion mods. Are there others I've missed? Especially monster companion mods?

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