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I bound the plate then after defeating the _______ and dropping into the __________.

I equipped a few regen items and stood in the path of the recurring wind traps (they frighten). 

Then I went and got a snack, came back to fully leveled guardian's plate.

EDIT: I tested applying afflictions using a rogue in the group  and it didnt up the count


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For those who have already left Bullbois realm; you can go and get sick in the Undercity. You may have to move in and out of the pools though, haven't checked.


You don't need to walk in and out. You can just stand your character on a pile of remains (fleshy only, bones don't count) and it will spam a noxious cloud effect.

It's good to have some regen/healing handy, though.

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This is a terribly stupid "quest".  


Almost nothing procs it.  I went 30 battles and got... zero stacks.   Now I'm standing on a ledge getting one every few seconds.


Oh and the shield has the same quest only this method doesn't work for it.  So literally nothing progresses the shield ever and I have to cheese the armor.  


Anyone had any luck proccing the shield cause I don't see how it's even possible.

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You can only progress either the shield or the armor at once on one character. All you have to do is stand in the undercity and get Sickened but it will do first one item then the other in serial not parallel


edit: you may have to unbind/rebind the shield but you take damage from the afflictions anyway.

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