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Almost all comps are viable. Hard to go wrong unless you pick a bunch of high risk sub-classes and then intentionally trigger their weaknesses.



Geomancer is such a bizarre combo, but it might be the greatest multi ever, never tried it.


Serafen's unique Cipher subclass makes him a risky choice on POTD. Better off as a Barb if you want to play it safe.


Eder is better off as a pure tank fighter IMO

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Not sure if you have these classes or you're planning out builds for a game. I prefer duo Maje with Eder (pick up Aloth and Seraphen, immediately kick them out of party), do non-combat quests still as a duo in Neketaka until 10, recruit everybody else so they're all 10 when they join the party. Get Stalker's Patience (I start w/50k, it buys Stalker's) and Nalvi, Blitz blow the man down, dunnage, and the low level bounties and do whatever from there.


I run Eder as a swashbuckler in cleaving/mob stance. Spear modal, hold the line, and persistent distraction for engagement slots. He gets the Devil of Caroc breastplate, gauntlets of discipline, and a behavior script that spams penetrating strike then crippling strike with no cooldown. For big fights hit Vigorous Defense when the fight starts. I try to ensure he gets the last hits to trigger the cleaving AoE. It significantly boosts the party's damage.


I run Maia as a ranger. Red Hand is likely to get nerfed so I'm enjoying her being overpowered while it's available. Her setup isn't that complicated. I edit the default script to remove the cooldown on accurate wounding shot, remove concussive shot, and prioritize twinned shot over wounding. Get Protective Companion and have Ishiza sit out of the fight next to her with AI off so she has a peel when she gets jumped on.


I run Serafen as a barbarian when I plan on using him past his quest. Usually with Sabers because they're super abundant and my Eder uses one at most.


For Theurge Tekehu I run defensive chants (Silver Knights / Ancient Memory), use Killers Froze/Hel-Hyref, and make sure I get the chill fogs out. Check Dark Cupboard and the herb shop for primal waters every time you're in Neketaka so you can upgrade his rod.

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