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Are Damage Dealing Cipher Powers Just Not Worth Using? (Amplified Wave and Disintegrate)

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Hey guys, 


So I'm working on a Cipher/Rogue that's a mix of Sneak Attack damage and Cipher spells, with a focus on heavy CC but three damage spells in particular worked in (Silent Scream, Amplified Wave and Disintegrate, which were really big for my Cipher back in PoE1). I'm wondering if that's worth it, or if I should consider rerolling to, say, Beguiler from Ascendant and just focusing on Streetfighter as my main damage source? I'm using guns either way, and my Recovery is actually really good, but I didn't want to have to worry about weaving in Disintegrate or Amp. Wave or Silent Scream casts (Since none of those cast terribly quickly) in between everything else. 



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Disintegrate, Amplified wave and mindblades are all awesome on an ascendant. Silent scream is not good.


I agree, all three of these are working really great on my Ascendant (I went single class to get the higher level abilities more quickly). You'll want high INT so the ascended state lasts as long as possible (can also make your Amplified Wave area of effect quite large), and high DEX/low recovery so you can fire off the abilities as many times as possible during it. Mine is currently at 22 seconds, and I can get Mind Blades in about 8 times (or 7 plus borrowed instinct), and maybe 5 or 6 times if I go with Disintegrate or Amplified Wave instead.

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