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Recruit Serafen later than normal?

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I've completed Blow the Man Down without recruiting Serafen.  Now I want to recruit him.  Can I still do so?  If so, where is he?  I've looked around Fort Deadlight and Dunnage and haven't found him...does he just disappear if you don't recruit him before/during Blow the Man Down?



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I only know of the one scripted encounter. If you somehow dodged that, I don’t know any other way.


Alas!  Thanks.


You do get one second chance; if you say no during the initial shipboard encounter, he shows up again in Fort Deadlight when you go there and offers to join.  I'm past that too, though.


Guess I'll have to make do with two less unique guns on my Black Jacket.

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I'd check Dunnage too. Seraphen's captain, Furrante, resides there, not in Fort Deadlight.


Like I mentioned, I've looked around Dunnage a bit, but it's possible I've missed him.  He's not in the Beacon area where Furrante hangs out, or in the tavern in the western part of the city.  Any other ideas about where he might hang out?

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