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  1. Thanks! Good to hear from the expert. I'm planning on using Trickster as the non-Ascendant half of the build, so I'll have easy access to Dazzling Lights. Isn't having a ranged secondary weapon going to be very risky in solo play? I'm imagining being stuck in longer, more drawn-out fights with single big enemies who survive the initial burst from stealth, where I'm forced to go toe-to-toe with them for a little while (so the Unfit for Melee trait and long reload times would be bad for me). Is kiting around with the Rogue escape skills and shooting from range out of invis is a better
  2. I'm considering starting a PotD solo run using a build based on the Deep Leap. I have a bunch of mechanics questions and build advice to ask before I get started! Does the Deep Leap combo still work? I looked over the patch notes I could find and didn't see anything that looked like a nerf, but always best to check. Is the second bounce from Driving Flight absolutely required for the combo to work, or just nice-to-have? I'm wondering if I could play a Trickster/Ascendant variant using the initial flurry of hits to proc Ascended at the beginning of the fight, then clean up with Cipher sp
  3. Update: It's not the weapon swapping that's causing the issue, it's making full attacks with Eccea's. ----- Video Demonstration 1: Correct Behavior In this video, Ydwin (who is not yet affected by the bug) initiates combat at 0:13 by making a default attack with Eccea's, and rolls +1 projectile. Immediately opening her inventory (at 0:20), we can see that her weapons are not affected by any bonus projectile buff. At 0:31, she swaps weapon sets, but this doesn't do anything - the extra projectiles are already gone. At 0:39, she attacks with Kitchen Stove, which we can
  4. I wonder if it's the weapon-swapping that's doing it. Idle speculation: The way the extra projectiles seem to be implemented is that when you shoot with Eccea's, a temporary buff gets placed on your character that increases the number of hits for all your attacks. This would explain why the extra projectiles apply to other weapons, and persist even when unequipping Eccea's, but appear to go away if you unequip one of the other weapons and then examine it, unequipped, in your inventory. The buff is supposed to only last long enough to give you extra projectiles with that shot. My gue
  5. I'm using Eccea's Arcane Blaster on a Black Jacket/Ascendant, a character focused on frequently swapping weapons. This weapon has an ability called "Fractured Bullet," which says: This sounds like it should apply once, at the time of firing, only to shots with Eccea's itself. Instead, it appears to be applying permanently, not only to shots with Eccea's, but to all of my ranged weapon shots, and possibly even to my spells that don't shoot projectiles at all: Eccea's Arcane Blaster with 4 projectiles. This is "normal behavior," although the buff is applying permanently (which i
  6. Like I mentioned, I've looked around Dunnage a bit, but it's possible I've missed him. He's not in the Beacon area where Furrante hangs out, or in the tavern in the western part of the city. Any other ideas about where he might hang out?
  7. Alas! Thanks. You do get one second chance; if you say no during the initial shipboard encounter, he shows up again in Fort Deadlight when you go there and offers to join. I'm past that too, though. Guess I'll have to make do with two less unique guns on my Black Jacket.
  8. I've completed Blow the Man Down without recruiting Serafen. Now I want to recruit him. Can I still do so? If so, where is he? I've looked around Fort Deadlight and Dunnage and haven't found him...does he just disappear if you don't recruit him before/during Blow the Man Down? Thanks!
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