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Figures Issue





I don't no if it's even a problem or in game mechanism, but I have a question:

Something happend, that my figures can't regain its uses. Even after Resting or consumming Food. It's like these figures went out of uses, and didn't want to regain it. I think it happend after patch 1.2.


I'm attaching a pic of Obsidian figure for egzample.


Plz help ;(


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lol this is probably the funniest post ever




In the latest patch 1.02 they nerfed figurines to a certain amount of limited charges


LOL you have to find another way to beat the game now while cheesing


try ciphers ringleader or the wizards terror spells


good luck

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There is also a Mod that bring back to the 1.1 figurines mechanics (no charges)



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