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Question on Non-Aumaua Rauatai Naming Conventions?

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Hey guys, 


Similar to my WtW naming conventions thread, I was wondering if there was any sort of reference out there for Rauatai naming conventions, specifically those for non-Coastal aumaua? I'm wanting to start a playthrough as a Rauatai-aligned character that isn't an Aumaua because, with all due respect, I don't really like their customization options all that much. 


Does anyone have any information they can provide? 

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A lot of the non-Aumaua from Rauatai are left unnamed. The Orlan Peddler and Barkeep being examples.
There is Koami in Sayuka, who is not only a Rauatain soldier, but a meadowfolk. Seems to follow local naming scheme.

All 4 Rauatain crew are Aumaua, too.  


This gives you a lot of leeway. If your characters clan was fully assimilated, or wished to be, they might adopt local naming conventions. 

If you are from clan of dwarves that is far flung and only pays tribute to the empire, you might be a 'typical' dwarf with a Rauatain education.

Or, it could be something in between.


Anecdotally, we have no reason to believe that the Rua family hasn't kept their original clan name, and they are influential members of society. 

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Going off the no-name scheme just mentioned, you could always call yourself The Nameless One. ;)


Unfortunately we haven't seen a lot of their language and I don't know what the inspiration for the language is, but Parasol gave good advice I think.

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Many Rauataian names sound vaguely japanese so I guess the language could be japanese-inspired too but some words like ranga nui are from maori language (in maori it's Ranginui) (in universe those are loan words from the old, shared language from Deadfire Huana). But as noted above, no non-aumauas are named in game. Don't know how far the assimilation went in the conquered territories and if people had to assume the rauataian naming convention.

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