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Guardian of Ukaizo forced loop



Solo 20 rogue normal difficulty at Guardian of Ukaizo battle. I loaded the game, killed the animats and then did 1x arterial strike, 5x finishing blow, empower self, 5x finishing blow to kill the Guardian. I was dual wielding sabres with no armor recovery penalty to ensure my attacks would interrupt before self-healing. I killed the Guardian. It exploded. then it jumps back to the scene where the Guardian of Ukaizo swims onto the screen and we have the same discussion all over again. I understand that the battle is supposed to have multiple stages to it; however, it seems that this is a bug that I've somehow opened a loop. My empower, health, and consumables were where they were upon my last save immediately before the first fight. 


as a side note: this battle is terribly frustrating. Normal difficulty has been no where near this challenging as a solo rogue on normal. If i try to fight by normal conventions I get creamed.  ;(

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