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Immediate Patch Needed: Disabling AoE VFX Option



Granted I don't have GTX 10 Series or latest Radeon graphic but I have a GTX 780 which is enough to run Witcher 3 or GTA V on 50-60 fps (with many tweaks).


Here? It's a cRPG dang it and I, for the love of Berath, suffer from under 20 fps on combat with many AoEs.


I have tried so many graphic option combinations but it doesn't change anything in AoEs-full battle performance.


I just wish there will be a quick patch that allow us disabling any VFX.


I don't care with eye-candy effects anymore and certainly don't hope for a miracle that suddenly everything runs smoothly and beautifully.


Since I don't put too much hope in fast response or implementation from Obsidian, could anyone modding-savvy help me make a mod that can disable AoE VFX?

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FPS drop on pretty powerful CPUs too—CPUs that can run full-3D games much faster.

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And my apology for any inconveniences you all have been experiencing reading the drop in fps and stuttering :) I've happen to come across this forum link which I believe is a possible work around:




Please should you have any additional questions or concerns let us know!



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