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Turning on "Lights" in graphics menu crashes the game in dungeons



When I turn on "Lights" graphics option on it crashes my PC, screen goes black but I can stil hear the audio. It used to happen occassionally, I think it was always in dungeons but I'm not sure - it happend rarely, only few times during my 20ish hours of gameplay and never consistently. Now I can reproduce it everytime in "Oathbinder's Santcum" with autosave after entering this location.



To reproduce:


I have all graphics settings checked/max, "Lights" turned off.


1. Load save game

2. Turn on "Lights" in graphics menu, close&save menu => crash




When I have "Lights" option on before loading a save file it crashes after few seconds or when I move camera up.


In windows events log at the time of the crash I found several warnings that driver "nvlddmkm" crashed but recovered and dwm.exe(dwmcore.dll) error 0xc00001ad.


It does not happen with any other games, I tested it with some demending games to test the hardware under stress(Oculus Rift games with supersampling turned on to push the GPU). I'm using 1080Ti with newest NVIDIA drivers. I tried reinstalling drivers and also tested older version. Game is on steam with the newest patch


Save game is too big to upload, I attached only output_log.txt. There is no crash report in the game folder - I think the game is still running in the background and only the GPU driver crashes but that's just guessing.



Any ideas how I could fix it?

It's supper annoying, I could just turn this option off and complete this location but game looks so much better with it and I don't want to have it turned off :)



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Hello Saffron,


Thank you for contacting us on the forums! I will get this added if it hasnt already to our database so we can look into why lights may be crashing under specific settings or hardware.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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From my observations it may be related to amount of realtime lighting calculations per light source. If your character carry a torch it may increase drastically the load on gpu. In my case using two torches in any environment causes 100% load on gtx 1080 ti, which is... a lot for a Unity based engine rpg.

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