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  1. Well, for me the problem is apparently related to dynamic lighting, because turning that option off makes the game look flat, but the fps is stable, and nothing stutters. And it's actually really sad, this game is almost done with new patches, so I guess we shouldn't expect a proper solution, BUT... *fingers crossed*
  2. Hey, I'd like to bump this a little bit, last and final(?) patch is almost here and there is no mention or sign of fixing, even though you (Cdiaz) stated it is of higher priority. During the time that already passed nothing changed. Any news? Any small light in the tunnel?
  3. SLI usage is just one side of the coin. There is also some serious mis-optimization related to lighting, as I reported earlier. Take a look at the pinned post about Nvidia being involved into works on solution to high-end cards struggles with deadfire.
  4. Thanks for your concern and reply, I hope you guys get to the bottom of this stuff. Keep up the good work!
  5. Funny thing, I popped the alarm, reloaded a savegame before the try and the alarms were still blaring
  6. From my observations it may be related to amount of realtime lighting calculations per light source. If your character carry a torch it may increase drastically the load on gpu. In my case using two torches in any environment causes 100% load on gtx 1080 ti, which is... a lot for a Unity based engine rpg.
  7. I found that I am not the only guy having issues with playing Deadfire on SLI configuration, as the game clearly uses only one gpu. Nvidia rleased drivers optimized for Deadfire, but the game is not running smooth, there are several cases when fps drop hard. In terms of optimization there is an issue, that game struggles (100% gpu load on 1080ti) when more than static light sources are used, like characters carrying torches. Any plans on improving performance?
  8. Just wanted to add, that the fps drops are very intense when character uses a light source, like a torch. While in dungeons gameplay is still smooth, in towns fps is dropping drastically. Ona side not, when played on sli configuration it uses only one gpu.
  9. Confirming, I have 1080 ti, decent cpu, and I figured out that these drops are related to "Lights" option set to ON, within graphic settings, because when I turn it off, fps seem to be stable and gameplay is smooth. Too bad, because with this option set to on game looks much better.
  10. I wonder, if ordering like 3 hours before launch/unlock on steam would count as preorder and be eligible for the captain's footlocker dlc?
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