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Spiritual Weapons won't disappear





I used the spell "Spiritual Weapons" with my priest (Magran), and now they won't disappear and I cannot unequip them or exchange them for an other conjured weapon (like the one on the fiery greatsword scroll). I'm stuck with them.

I tried to respec, to summon them again, nothing works.


Steps to Reproduce the Issue:


Use the spell "Spiritual Weapons", and <<I THINK>> return to the travel map (from a dungeon or a city to the world map).

I'm not sure on this one, didn't really notice when it happened.


Important Files:


Save file sent by email


Output Log included AND sent by email


System Specs included AND sent by email


Screenshots are unnecessary I think



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Hello Agraell,


We'll address these issues via email once we get them in if we have not already (Sorry it is a lot to parse through!) Thank you very much for sending this info though!





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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Im having the same problem. I'm having a weird bug where the summoned staff can't be unequipped. Also, the first weapon in the weapon set 1 can't be unequipped too nor I can change the weapon set. Cant complete the quest "Dirty Laundry" cause of the issue.  Any fix for this issue?? 

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