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I've almost finished unnerfing Frostseeker, save for the freezing lash component, and can't figure out where that information is stored. I've checked Spiritual Successor for the Garland's Tears status effect (Garlands_tears_SE_Information) and the Frostseeker entry, looking for 10s and 25s (the lash was nerfed from 25 to 10 and I'm not sure if SS is fully updated to 1.1), but nothing.

Could anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

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It is indeed inside Garlands_tears at items.gamedatabundle:

"$type": "Game.GameData.ItemModGameData, Assembly-CSharp",
"DebugName": "Garlands_tears",
"ID": "c10bed39-6fdb-4ca7-aaf6-3822b609c55d",
"Components": [{
"$type": "Game.GameData.ItemModComponent, Assembly-CSharp",
"DisplayName": 643,
"HideFromUI": "false",
"EnchantCategory": "Unique",
"Cost": 4,
"DisplayEvenIfCostZero": "false",
"CursesItem": "false",
"StatusEffectsOnEquipIDs": ["4973c618-b4a6-4c3e-8c97-36ef1821d152"],
"StatusEffectsOnLaunchIDs": [],
"StatusEffectsOnAttackIDs": [],
"AbilityModsOnEquipIDs": [],
"OnEquipVisualEffects": [],
"DamageProcs": [{
"DamageType": "Freeze",
"PercentOfBaseDamage": 0.1
"AbilitiesOnEquipIDs": []

Look at the last section of the code, containing "DamageProcs"

"DamageProcs": [{
"DamageType": "Freeze",
"PercentOfBaseDamage": 0.1
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