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Cannot Enter Brass Citadel - Game Always Crashes



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Hello cyberpunker,


Thank you very much for providing your files for us to investigate! Ill get this logged for the devs so they can look at the source of the problem. We may need more information or an earlier save, so please keep an eye on this post.





I like big bugs and I cannot lie...

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This is occurring for me as well, before and after the 1.1.0(.35) update.


Earlier in the game I was able to visit it multiple times. Now going directly from the map into one of the building in the Brass Citadel is fine, it's only the Citadel map itself that causes the error to occur. I've tried restoring a save before visiting Neketaka and entering again but it consistently crashes.


I'm using the Steam version and have validated the game files.


Please let me know if you're like a save to reproduce.

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