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  Also, IIRC, there isn't even a single dwarf companion or sidekick in POE2 at this time.

Konstanten is a dwarf masseur sidekick (Chanter/Barb)



My bad.  I didn't notice that.  Chanters aren't particularly high on my interest list, plus I already had Tekehu in my extended party (as a Chanter).

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Can we get an ogre party member in future DLC with a decent story line? Kind of disappointing they didn't do it with Pillars 2. Sure he might be very strong, but you can offset this my not letting him wear most armors etc, like it's done in many games.  Anyone else enjoy out of the norm monster races as options?



I'm always down for more "unusual" races in RPGs. I've been pining for playable kobolds in a D&D comupter game for awhile now.


Please no.  This is rampant silliness.  Stick with the regular races.  Also, IIRC, there isn't even a single dwarf companion or sidekick in POE2 at this time.  Even the single Pale Elf is a weird one, being a cosmopolitan animancer (and who knows what else) living in the Deadfire, rather than something less strange.


If we wanted something less than normal, I'd prefer different subraces of the primary races.  Another flavor of Elf or Dwarf, perhaps.    Maybe an aquatic elf (not really ocean inhabitants so much as elves that live by the oceans, making their livings on and by the sea, etc. 


Thats all boring, you get out of here! I want to be a Xaurip! ;)



Maybe it's boring to you.  But it isn't to me.  It'd take a lot more "normal" characters before I'd even come close to getting bored with "normal" characters.

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I love monstrous companions.


  • I'd like a Xaurip sidekick especially.  It doesn't have to talk.  Dragon Age had a dog as a sidekick, and I thought it did pretty well.  A Lagufeth could perform a similar role, but probably not as interestingly.
  • An Ogre would be great narratively, especially for a more evil party. they would have to remake some parts of the game because an ogre might not fit.  You could have a disgraced matron who wants to go back to their tribe only to find they've massacred each other.
  • A vithrack would be interesting, and we see them here and there in the Deadfire.  The vithrack are a great species that I would always like to see more of.  A vithrack spider ranger would be especially cool and creepy.
  • A Naga companion would also be interesting, especially if you go to the dungeon that talks about the origin of the Naga.


All in all, I think Deadfire has better content than base-pillars.  However I'm disappointed they haven't graphically expanded the player.  They should have added Godlikes, priests of different aspects of the Gods,  new ranger companions, or druid forms.  It would allow them to tell weirder, braver stories.

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