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...or are they mutually exclusive?


I plan on running Streetfighter/Shattered Pillar using Stalker's Patience and Tuotilo's Palm shield for a healthy mix of offense and defense (Persistent Distraction, Thunderous Blows, Swift Strikes, Ripostes/BT), seems nice on paper.


Anyone has any info whether or not those 2 skills can be used simultaneously?

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Blade Turning will not result in a melee miss on you but will redirect 100% of melee attacks to bystanders. Since there's no miss, Riposte will not get triggered. This was tested in the beta though - but I don't think it has changed.

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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Thx for your answers.


Figures, since Blade Turning actually prevents you from being hit in melee. Might as well stick to Riposte then since it's a passive and full attack, hopefully it will be buffed to be on par with PoE version.




The 2h Sword of Endless paths has a Counterattack Enchant, I figure that (and the area attacking shtick) are why they felt they had to cripple its damage.


I have a Holy Slayer setup using that blade and riposte, fun stuff. Truth be told the sword was a bit over the top, but I think they should up it's base damage to be on par with regular 2h swords if they take out the double tap on primary target.

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