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  1. Hello, Don't know if this particular problem has been mentioned already, but since the new patch i get frequent, unavoidable crashes. About 2 or 3 minutes after loading my save the sound/music begins to stutter and the next thing I see is my desktop wallpaper. I did read about people having crashes on start-up because of Citrix interfering with PoE, but I don't believe this is the same issue. I would appreciate any info or method to counter that (or maybe I should just wait for hotfix). Also, I noticed that ingame combat messages and damage floaters are now brighter and mor
  2. If you try to kill Rust in Delver's Row, when his health becomes low enough, he would escape into the narrows. You can chase him and in the end you will find him in a room behind a door. I think that's the sealed door you mentioned. Ah, thx for clearing that up. I had very little interaction with that guy during my playthroughs. Might as well fight him just to grab his stiletto.
  3. Hello, As the title says, anyone found out the purpose behind that door, or is it there merely as a flavour? I'm talking about the door you reach by taking a left turn in the Narrows from the Gullet entrance, and then go right. The game says that the door doesn't have a visible knob and that the space behind it is deathly quiet. Just being curious.
  4. Concept Basically a tanky dps build utilizing Tuotilo's Palm and Stalker's Presence spear that zaps in the middle of melee and proccing Street Fighter buffs as much as possible. Stacking crit is important for triggering Heartbeat Drumming/Swift Flurry + spear upgrades to land multiple hits. Monk inspirations and Rogue passives are our friends. There are 2 versions of the build I had in mind; Assassin with Backstab passive/gear support and the Streetfighter version presented in this thread. Shattered Pillar seems like a good splash as I prefer it over drug-addled Nalpacza monks (microma
  5. Thx for your answers. Figures, since Blade Turning actually prevents you from being hit in melee. Might as well stick to Riposte then since it's a passive and full attack, hopefully it will be buffed to be on par with PoE version. I have a Holy Slayer setup using that blade and riposte, fun stuff. Truth be told the sword was a bit over the top, but I think they should up it's base damage to be on par with regular 2h swords if they take out the double tap on primary target.
  6. ...or are they mutually exclusive? I plan on running Streetfighter/Shattered Pillar using Stalker's Patience and Tuotilo's Palm shield for a healthy mix of offense and defense (Persistent Distraction, Thunderous Blows, Swift Strikes, Ripostes/BT), seems nice on paper. Anyone has any info whether or not those 2 skills can be used simultaneously?
  7. As for talent build: LVL1: LoH (Darcozzi), Flames of Devotion, Escape LVL2: Deep Faith LVL3: Sworn Enemy LVL4: Zealous Aura, Blinding Strike LVL5: Two Weapon Style LVL6: Divine Purpose LVL7: Riposte, Shared Flames LVL8: Dirty Fighting LVL9: Confounding Blind LV10: Persistent Distraction, Liberating Exhortation LV11: Sworn Rival LV12: Exalted Focus LV13: Uncanny Luck, Greater LoH LV14: Deep Wounds LV15: Mental Fortress/Tough/Righteous Soul (pick one) LV16: Sap, Virtuous Triumph A couple of questions: Anyone tried Sap? Is it worth the slot? I kinda wanted it for the af
  8. Hi all, I enjoy playing rogues, and with new multiclass system introduced in Deadfire I decided to put together something a bit different. I'm sure someone here already done it in the beta, but I'll give it a go anyways; It's a support/riposte tank build that uses Paladin passives (Darcozzi for RP reasons) to stack defenses, and Rogue for Persistent Distract/Riposte combo with nice damage boost via Streetfighter. Skill/attribute wise the character is built for wide range of dialogue options for a richer gaming experience, not just utility/effectiveness in combat. Specifics: Dar
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