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Not sure if this is on purpose or not? Berserker Raw self-damage massively increased...



So I was messing around w/ different characters to see what all has changed, and I noticed what looks like a change to the Berserker's version of Fury that seems either accidental or a change that is complete over-kill.


In the Release version, as a max level Berserker, I recall the Raw damage on self from Fury being in the <15 range (maybe even <10?) even when affected by might & what have you.  In the Beta patch, the tooltip now reads as 27.8 raw/3 sec.  That's a pretty significant change, and seems to be due to Power Level for the ability giving a flat +18 damage on to the base 2.  I certainly don't remember that before, and seems to be affected by Might on top of that.  


I'd like to think this is some kind of bug, and/or I am mistaken on the numbers I recall from the release build.  But as hard-core as the rest of the nerfs are in 1.1 this seems like it was likely intentional, and I would like to say that 27 raw/3 sec is way too much if you also can't see your HP.


In a similar vein, I haven't seen anyone mention that Sacred Immolation has had it's Raw damage to self reduced and would like to say that if it has not been changed, the amount of raw damage this ability does to the caster is confoundingly, ridiculously high.  Base raw damage is more than double the minimum it can do to enemies.  I can only imagine what it does with high Might.  Caveat: I assume it scales with might like every other source of damage & self-damage I've seen in the game, but have not verified.  Even if it doesn't, the amount of raw damage it does per tick right now should be the damage it does in total, if anything.

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