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[Bugs] List of things [Patch 1.02]



More or less a continuation from my former topic: https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/100612-bugs-list-of-things-patch-089/

I hope the old issues I have noted did get noticed by the developing team for I had no reaction to them after the first post.


Description Echoing Shield from the Cipher 1 (not a true bug):


Foe AoE:

Immunity to Concentration attacks


Wait what? The enemy is giving immunity? In the description of the power it also says that it removes concentration. This seems... contradicting one another the way it is written down.


Ori O Koiki Sanctum Brazier:

The Sleight of Hand check here does not take group aid into account. It needs someone to trully have the score, though you can all certainly aid.


Bent Bough Forest:

After clicking on survival check the test reads: Skill check o] 

Afterwards the rest of the normal check comes and then it tells me I made it with a 17 in the usual fashion (blue with asterisk). See attached file.


Game Difficulty Settings:

Removing the Difficulty Indicators does not work for every location (Removed in the second image for the crypt but not the Bent Bough Forest)


Crookspur Island:

After dealing with the Wahaki tribe for master Kua he says you will get a discount on their best stock. Yet, auctionmaster Marcca sells no new stock & you get no discount of the mechant on the beach... this is apparently a hollow promise or the ability to hire new (slave) sailors does not pop up correctly?



At times when selling items, an item of a stack goes to the trade part of the screen but does not get substracted from your stash graphically. It is being substracted in reality as can be seen if you sell the whole stack.


Ship combat (possibly not a bug):

Sometimes you character gets a line above their head, that seems to fit better for the enemy captain you are attacking (example: Ekera, what a beautiful ship. Why shall I not take it off your hands - and I am playing an elf from Old Vailia).


St. Droga's Skull:

Is still an off-hand weapon only.


Sayuka Workshop (not a true bug):

When talking to Iverra in the workshop the second answer is along the lines of the fact that you will see what is in it for you before you do any work. The coralmason next to her says how terribly reasonably of you... I know this is a jest, but the answer is considered shady, instead of rational which such answers have been up to this point...


Diving to Cignath Mor:

but the glow below you ever brighter -> but the glow below you is ever brighter  (I would replace ever with even actually as it is a comparison versus the darkness, but English is not my mother language, so I might be off)


Lagufaeth (not a true bug):

Have problems moving in slog zones (at least in Cignath Mor). This seems very illogical.


Most Powerful Enemy defeated:

My main character killed the Kraken, yet the most powerful opponent is noted as a Bog Ooze? I am certain that that was not 5K+ experience worth (which I got for the Kraken).


Pallegina I:

In delver's row you get the message to talk to the lift guard. However, as I had already finished the quest he did not speak to me anymore (just a general "Go on. The lift will take you down below"). Moreover, the quest advanced by reading a soul of a dead godlike. Perhaps you are to get a different message or the proper message is not displayed?


Maia I:

After she comes back to the party she tells. "He was a corpse before he hit the ground" about killing a Huana ranga... and Xoti gets a bonus point relations with her for being worldly?


Maia II:

She says "reminds me of the first time I shot to kill" in a conversation about Eothas with the watcher... and there is that weird bonus point to relatiions again with Xoti stating worldly. Worldly as far as I know is not a synonym for I like to see things die (and it described as being cosmopolitian in its description)


Of Like Minds & A glimpse beyond quests:

You do not get a reward from director Castol for resolving it in the best way for the VTC, neither cash nor item, despite him saying "Your reward, Watcher. I will call on you when there is more work to be done." (the examples is of the Of Like Minds quest).


Constelation Prize (not a true bug):

Random enemies attack me in the lower level of Arkymer's mansion. He has nothing to say about. And it seems completely random, not sure if this was cut content or something, however, it feels very odd.


Motare O Kozi I:

I get a line that people looking for Ukaizo came through, but I had no idea. It seems this trigger is wrong.


Motare O Kozi II

I like to use the Spine of Thicket Green (cool that there is an unique dialogue for this (where the heck did I pick that thing up)) to heal the trees but I do not get this option unless Xoti (and only her) is nearby. The staff is however in my stash not on her body. Is there a hidden Alchemy or Religion check here? For I have all those indicators on, but I saw no prompt for them. Seems like perhaps an oversight.


Motare O Kozi III (not a true bug):

 Delemgan goes from super hostile, saying she delights in me not hearing the answer I like and being torn apart by her mother and more, to suddenly "do this to the other trees so my sister can help you".

This is the far most left tree.

That was a really weird 180 degrees in different attitude without an answer from the Watcher.


Motare O Kozi IV:

If you did not use the Spine of the Thicket Green yet on a tree and first go to Baltia it does glow in the conversation but you have to use a strength check to free her, as there is no line to use the Spine of the Thicket Green.


Motare O Kozi V (possibily not a bug):

When the Green Lady touches you (unfortunately I can not find a reference on this) and grants you as she said "you have been touched by Nature's Mark"  I was really curious to see if this was the first permanent buff I had found in game... but there is nothing about it on my summary.


Bronlar's Phalanx:

The Sentinel ability grants the same bonus as the shield already have, so I doubt anyone will enchant it that way.


Return from Magran's Teeth:

My boat is still at Magran's Teeth despite it being said to be pushed by Eothas southward... My boat is on a different island o.0 What is a captain without a boat?


Consuela meeting VTC (not a true bug):

During the argument about slaves you can say: "True. But now we have a couple of slaver ships working for us" (or along those lines)

This is technically not true as master kua would work for Furrante and Furrante on his turn would work director Castol.


Pistols & arequebus:

Some of the fine or execptional weapons of these two categories you find are veil piercing and some are not. Seem inconsistent.


Captain Tatzatl I:

A voice clip that belongs to "Now, if you will..." says the same first few words twice.


Captain Tatzatl II (not really a bug):

You can not end the conversation with having to take a stoic answer, this can be annoying to paladins and priests. Just saying.


Creating food:

When you intend to make more then you ingredients it still says you succesfully created x number of them. (happend for fried ugly for me)


Watery Double:

I can no longer take control of the watery double to let it cast spells, this was working fine in patch 89. Spirtiual Ally can still be controled for example so it seems to be spell specific.


Three-horned Whale encounter (not a true bug):

The event describes the whale puncturing my ship before I blow it to Hel with my cannons. Yet... no ship damage when the event is over.


Once again, not meant to be nitpicking or to complain/nag. I really like the game!

Topic 'continued' sort of in https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101686-patch-11-beta-bug-list/



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I'm not sure how you'd recreate this, but I'm inside the little 'beyond' zone from the 'Glimpse Beyond' quest and the screen won't progress past the starting area.


My party is stuck and there is no way to proceed with the game. 


I'm on Trial of Iron and I don't want to try to save here and reload so I'll have to reload from an earlier save I guess.

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