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[Bugs] List of things [Patch 0.89]


Dear Obsidian,


First of all, thank you for the game. And thank you for listening to the community. Both adragojlovic & Cdiaz have expressed they would look into two little bugs I found, so let me try and be helpful again with a small list here.


St. Droga's Skull:

Can only be used in off-hand despite being listed as a sabre. 


Berath's Blessing skills:

Sleight of Hand does not get the +2 bonus to its skill for some reason (at least not on multi-class rogues).


Pet buff Beakhead:

The +1 to sleight of hand buff of beakhead pet remains even if you unequip him or sell him off.


Furrante I:

After you ask for an explanation of the Principi a new lines come up asking for a reminder on the Principi explanation. However, the original question does not go away giving you two lines regarding this.


Furrante II:

If you have the sword of Rivan you can do the following infinite loop for infinite brownie points with the Principi:

Ask after Lucia Rivan -> reply: You don't say? -> Minor Positive Principi


Xoti I:

The spelled Blessed Harvest description says to do 132.7damage, but even on crit I only got 50. It feels likes something is wrong here. I have no proper mechanically explanation unfortunately.  SOLVED (penetration issue)


Xoti II:

Her sickle damage of Soul Reaper does not seem to go up with religion score, despite mentioning that. (She is level 10, Maxed out Religion, still 5%). On the other hand her lantern's ability Light of the Dawnstar does go up. So it does recognize my religion skill is going up.

I can imagine you might need to push her to darkness and finish her quest, but in that case the 'bug' is a faulty description. It may need to read that is goes with the religion skill and strenght of faith (or something akin to this?)


Xoti III:

The Xoti-Pallegina conflict can trigger immediately after initiating a conversation with Pallegina and asking after her opinion about Eothas. They have had no trigger at all before (as I do not run Pallegina, but have her on the boat) and immediately Xoti demands you choose (which is solveable by a diplomacy check but still, this triggers seems wrong).


Xoti IV (not a true bug):

Due to Xoti's dislike for skullduggery she dislikes me lying to Kahn (Wild Mare) when giving her money. However, I am trying to help her for otherwise she would get none.... Xoti really wants that poor woman to get nothing and being honest, rather than dishonest and give a 1000 copper? (I haggled it down to 80% for me due to diplomacy and Merchant - Lovely options!)


Old City I:

Debuff of the Pillars (in area where you can come down with the lift from the Gullet: Resolve penalty if damaged) stacks with itself


Old City II:

I found a morningstar here that says it is exceptional in its title, but actually says in its description it is a superb and indeed gives the bonuses of being a superb morningstar (see post below for image).


Blunderbuss accuracy:

Blunderbuss debuff to accuracy is lost if placed in the off-hand (at least with Serafen), meaning it actually gains 5 accuracy in off-hand


Arkamyr Vault:

Harapo Epic - in its text its names Ukaizo. If you hover over the word it actually links to the meaning of Resistance not the place of Ukaizo.


Wizard Illusion Deflect Stacking (incl. Reflective Mirror Illusionist specialization):

I am playing a Spellblade and noticed some odd things. If I cast Llengraths Displaced Image before my Reflective Mirror goes off its deflection gets overwritten by the later.

However, if I cast Llengraths Displaced Image after I got hit (and thus triggering Reflective Mirror) they do stack. 

Reflective Mirror does not stack with Wizard's Double nor with Mirrored Image, but Llengraths does stack if done afterwards... seems inconsistent. Perhaps add that to the description of the later it does stack and make it also stack if cast before? Or something else as this is confusing and unfortunately hard to follow.


King's Coffin I (not a true bug):

You do not lose the ingredients of Ondra's Bile after finishing the Iron Gut quest. This not commonly how that is done.


King's Coffin II (not a true bug):

There is a NPC by the name of Deeni here. Funny enough if you hold Tab she has no name tag above her head like all other named charachters... could be that I do not have the proper interaction for her yet or cut content, but I noticed it.


Priest Spells [not a true bug]:

The spells Prayer for Body and Prayer for Spirit, only have as keyword Protection. Yet their description says "Grant target ally the ... Inspiration....". Is it perhaps not better to give this spell both the keywords protection and inspiration? There isn't a general priest spell on the 2nd tier power level that has the keyword anyways and tier three only has Dire Blessing.  


Uncharted Island south of Port Maje (not a true bug):

Giordu says no scrap to eat on the island.... Just north of the dungeon stands a fruit patch where you can get fruit. Slight oversight I reckon.


Maia (not a true bug):

Gets a lot of 'wordly' triggers in her dialgoue with the first messenger in Port Maje that please Serafen and Xoti, but ... the statements do not even mention another place or anything. This seems the wrong keyword in these lines, impassioned might work better for some of them.


NPC reputation (perhaps not a true bug):

Feels weird that this only goes to level 2, which is easily reached when it is a semi-circle (I'm aware the other part is for bad reputation) only and the factions (e.g. Principi) can go higher than 2.


I hope you don't mind the bug report containing also some oddities ("none true bugs"), was not sure where to place them elsewhere. If it is okay, I will continue with them. 


[reason to edit] Added another bug found.

Edited by GMV
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Can confirm the Old City I bug. Nice post, the oddities are more along the lines of inconsistencies.


ah, yes. That would have been a better title for those type of "issues". Not sure if there is a forum for that by the way.

All the curses seem to be unitll sleep so that may not be a bug, but it is the only one that stacks with itself.

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A new bug found when starting a new life. After the image where you Steward says "A dubious honor, inheriting a fortress both broken and cursed" , a soul now walks off the "Soul Path"


To be clear, this bug is persistent. I started the game five times anew. This soul always walks off the path.


Edited by GMV
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Hail GMV!


Wow, that is one hefty list you got there. Thank so much for bringing these issues to our attention. I'll send this long to the QA team to investigate the issues. 


Thanks a bunch and may Magran bless you. 


Hello Aarik, I will post a few more as I find them (like the soul walking of the path). Do you (and the rest of Obsidian) want me to add a new post in that case or extend the top one?


By the way, added is a picture of the odd morningstar I found (Old City II bug).


Edited by GMV
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Hail GMV!


Wow, that is one hefty list you got there. Thank so much for bringing these issues to our attention. I'll send this long to the QA team to investigate the issues. 


Thanks a bunch and may Magran bless you. 


Hello Aarik, I will post a few more as I find them (like the soul walking of the path). Do you (and the rest of Obsidian) want me to add a new post in that case or extend the top one?


By the way, added is a picture of the odd morningstar I found (Old City II bug).



I found a similar bug, so may as well post it here. Don't know where I picked it up as I only noticed when selling off stuff. It's a Legendary (if stats are correct) Pollaxe that's labelled as Superb. Worth a pretty penny, though.



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A new list of things I found, because I pay way too much attention to details


Cyclopedia I:

In the cyclopedia under Perception afflictions there misses a header for the blinded affliction.

If you click on blinded (via the general Perception affliction tab) you end on an empty page.


Abydon's description in the court of Berath (not a true bug):

The narrator (Ashley) says "rounded metal... right eye socket" .

However, in the image it is for Abydon his LEFT eye socket, we see it on the right, but it is his left one.


Talking to Ondra in Berath's court:

During the conversation when she says "Death of thousands" there is huge empty space before your answers are seen. You have to scroll down to even see some of your answers. This bug continues for the remainder of the cutscene.


Graphical Bug:

Sometimes the bodies of just defeated enemies come back up fully clothed, not moving, not interactible. Sometimes they stand in a position of an action they were interrupted by due to combat (for instance looking into a pile of rocks).

It also commonly happens if a creature's form was altered, due to being a druid or the spell Form of the Helpess Beast. They revert to their own form, but do not have a death animation than.


Subterrenean Temple (Unmapped island with magistrate's cudgel):

3 bodies lie in the south of the temple (being inspected by one of the bad guys). These show up a lootable with tab. Yet, you can not target them with your cursor.


Burning House encounter in Neketaka:

In the alley there is body that chose up to be lootable with tab (blue outlined). Yet there is nothing on there, so should that be grey or is there an invisible item there?


Steward (not a true bug):

She says she salvaged my treasure... this is an odd sentence to say for a bust. She can not move. This is grammatically odd. But good for a laugh. ^-^


Character creation in court of Berath:

If you exit it, you sometimes get a crash. I can not attach the files for it is either too large (output_log) or I am told I do not have the rights to upload crash.dmp or error.txt file.

Edited by GMV
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And here is the next set of the list as I keep playing on. 

Do understand deer Obsidian, I do not dislike your game I only say these things so that it may glow brighter.

Woedica bids that loyal ser... I mean, fans help their idols in as many ways as possible after all ... and Magran does so love the fire.


Crookspur I:

There is an athletics check that has a partial succes swimming into the cave. This, however, has no consequence. Why is this then a partial succes? Perhaps it is not calculating the total group aid when giving that message? (see Sandswept Ruins Island II for additional info on that theory)


Crookspur II:

If you take the cave and try to get into the backdoor of dungeons, there is an option that requests Form of the Helpless Beast + Form of the Helpless Beast. This trigger does not work for me + Aloth both having this spell and thus how I read the requirement to be fulfilled.

Both spells would have had to be cast from a grimoire.


Sigil II (see for Sigil I the first post)

If ordered to an attack a Sigil with a ranged weapon, for some reason characters stop after the first attack. You have to reaffirm this constantly.

 -> This is not constant though so it may have to do with lines of sight or something?


Amira's Roost Island (south-west end of the map) I:

You can walk over the water of the southern lake (not the one of the delta)


Sayuka I:

You have a perpetual loop asking the fleet master who she is, gaining infinite reputation browny points.


Sayuka II (not a bug, but spelling error):

Marofeta first description tells about him "toenails of his bare fear" ... I think that should be feet ;)


Sayuka III (not really a bug):

You get no browny points with Maya if you side with Rauatai when talking to Weto.


Sayuka IV:

If you click on Weto after talking to him and his sister it gives "missing string 66"


Sayuka V / Serafen I:

The Principi Fighters on Malnaj ship attack their captain, Malnaj.


Sayuka VI / Serafen II (perhaps not a bug):

you get no reward (XP, item loot, or ship loot) from winning the battle with Malnaj despite you beating her and her crew like a normal sea combat. This seems odd.


Sandswept Ruins Island I:

At third group of traps in the Sandswept Ruins themselves, you gain no xp for disarming them for most of them.


Sandswept Ruins Island II:

Eoten encounter I get a partial succes about tricking them that the other has food. However, they kill each other in the ensuing fight leaving the area cleared. How is this a partial succes?

I noted that the partial succes is said in the top of the screen, but in the conversation itself it showed that I managed the check with the help of my team (blue with an asterisk). It seems the message in the top screen fails to note the group aid, as with possibily Crookspur I issue.


Sandswept Ruins Island III (perhaps more an oddity than a bug):

I finished the Eoten as mentioned above and entered the adventurers camp and started talking to them. 

I got the following answers after requesting money for having elminated the obstacle:

 -> They're very dead. Now pay up (shady)

 -> I killed them, but keep your coin (honest)


Euh, if the second is true (for it is the truth and thus honest I guess...) how is the first one shady?

I know some shady answers are more for the action itself, but I am not lying here or extorting. I requested money like a mercenary

And secondly how is the second answer not benevolent instead of honest?

These answers seem bugged (as it does not recognize I did kill them via smarts) or something else is wrong.


Sandswept Ruins Island IV (not a bug, but spelling error):

The Orlan says about the Eoten: ".... are like to try to eat you". I think you mean "... are likely to try and eat you"


Graphical glitch updated in previous post.


List 'continued' in https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/101530-bugs-list-of-things-patch-102/

Edited by GMV
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