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  1. *FIX* Did a lot of online searching today, Looks like the steam users just need to verify installed files and it fixed everything.
  2. Do you hear any game audio? No Are you able to interact with the Main Menu blindly and load a save to get past the black screen? I clicked everywhere but nothing happens Is this current patch the first time you've encountered this issue? Just got the New DLC as of today If you've encountered this issue on a previous patch version(s) and this is still occurring, which patch version(s) have you had this issue occur on? Never occurred before today. Is your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) up to date? Windows 10 Are your graphics drivers up to date? Yes
  3. Well least you got your statue. Mine was shattered in its box. Put in a ticket about it but nothing yet.
  4. Have faith in the team. This is a great game and yes, it like any other game has bugs. You can't expect perfection out the door when working with a time table. Just look at Star Citizen, they strive for perfection and have lost all sense of time. PoE is a very nitch game, appealing most to those that play D&D like games. It will grow and even help breath life into the first game again.
  5. Can confirm the Old City I bug. Nice post, the oddities are more along the lines of inconsistencies.
  6. What gets my goat isn't the quest bugs or the loading times. Its the lack of translation between ship combat and fighting on the decks. I wiped out an entire crew of a ship, and yet they still managed to heave ho during the boarding. Downing a Galleons crew with the Sloop and then boarding should be rewarding not detrimental. I have seen that one or two might be laying face down on the deck but I did manage to kill the entire crew complement, numbers just don't add up... Also on the players side of things, every single hireling and companion you have joins the fight, where be meh crew? I
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