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I suspect that Swift Flurry works with explosives. So Ranger/Monk could be a thing.


I know for sure that Assassinate works with explosives. So an Assassin is also a nice option.


The beacon of paladins that does +40% damage on enemies around you might be cool with a bomb drop to your feet as well.

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Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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I'd probably play this as a straight ranger for the flavour of using it with that kick arse arqeubus (the one with the flame attack).  Although with rogue might be fun, using sneak attacks. Those few unique weapons and items that give extra spell like powers are great for giving your warrior class tactical options. 


Equally interesting might be wizard illusionist or enchanter, for more of a controller/buff angle. You'd be less able to stand in the blast, but you'd get some more tactical variation (fighter classes are powerful and all, but I always eventually get tired of the lack of options. Between stun and fear/confusion you'd be a might fine controller.


In pnp at least you can pull out some flavour and to a disarm, or some other move. Be fun to play a bomber/wizard as a crazy MF. 

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