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Help me decide how to build Maia; I've had her as a ranger, and it has been boring, and I'm starting over. I don't have my head wrapped around how to play a ranger, so I don't have a sense for what multiclass would be better: ranger/wizard or ranger/rogue.


The rogue multiclass seems mainly good for Sneak Attack, right? Are there any other synergies?


The wizard multiclass struck me as odd initially, but since wizards are so versatile, I'm thinking I might be missing some cool ways to play her. Any synergies you see?


Pros and cons for one or the other? Thanks!

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1st question:  are you giving maia Blightheart?  if so ranger/wizard no question so she gets the wizard enchantments which are the best ones


assuming no blightheart, ranger/rogue is better than ranger/wizard particularly on maia since her pet doesn't have to worry about engagement and can EASILY set up flanks and ranger skills lean towards debuffing


in terms of pure damage output, pure range is actually the best not because of the lvl 8/9 skills(most of which suck, i mean really, self only withdraw is a tier 9 ability? xoti gets it for free at tier 2 and she can target allies)  but because having more points to dedicate to pet passives can turn Ishiza into a monster

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It is not only sneak attack, but also devastating blow, dirty fighting, deep wounds, deathblows. maybe deep pockets,

Wizard does not bring that much, since illusion is less useful if we are ranged, There is only few spells buffing offensive.

If you are casting spells you are not autoattack, and autoattack is good.

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I went Ran/Wiz on my first playthrough, figured that the Wiz side would have a bunch of 'emergency' defense buffs for if anything closed, and the ability to summon a Weapon, that could take advantage of the +Ranged gear that she had, if I wanted to stay in melee when something closed.


Never really used any of that, she's just to effective at blowing things up from range with w/ever you give her.  Arbalests are fun, the prone Modal is really effective, Arq's are good the mid game ones will have +1 target jump effects, which can be good for on hit effects.


I'd probably go /Rog if I ran with her again, my Rog/Fig tank gets me loads of 'flanked' enemies for +Damage, and there are loads of good 'on hit' effects that the rogue can use at range.  She'd have a scary amount of oh **** options, with Rangers + Rogues both having 'teleport' out of combat (Rangers is better for the free attack, leaving you more Guile to spend on offense).


Rogue seems like it would have the largest amount of useful 'dirty' tricks, i.e. on hit effects, so you'd be able to focus entirely on shooting people, instead of trying to juggle between casting and shooting.  The Blight lash (or summoned bow) aren't comparable to the +cool stuff you can do as a ranged Rogue, especially with all the multiple enemies hit at once tricks you can pull off.

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