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Found 3 results

  1. I have just "finished" SSS on PotD upscaled, which I started at level 20. And by "finished" I mean that I finished all the challenges on the path I chose, the Slayer one, plus the main quest and Porokoa fight. I thought that the difficulty was a bit exaggerated. Having to respec and change party members, gear and have all types of consumables for each fight is not fun, at least to me. Some of the challenges are downright impossible depending on your party composition, such as the Shades one. Enemies have too much HP. The Porokoa had 4k+ and each MINION had 1k+ HP. For a game in which you have very limited per encounter resources I find this to also limit which parties can actually beat these encounters. In my case I used a Tactician/Priest to keep healing and buffing once the enemy numbers diminished, but this can not be done in every fight. I know the DLC is supposed to be some sort of "challenge mode". But is this necessary when the difficulty setting is already hard enough?
  2. Hello. I'd like to verify my access to the DLC. It looks like I might have either been given access to DLC I shouldn't have, or I am missing DLC I should have. I'm not sure which is which. I backed on Fig as the COMPLETE PILLARS BUNDLE, which gave me the first game plus DLC (I'm still working my way through that). GoG gave me an offer of a discount on the Season Pass for Deadfire. I had a look at it, and it appears that I already have access to the Beast of Winter and The Forgotten Sanctum. To verify this, I installed Deadfire and I have four of the five icons highlighted on the bottom left of the main menu. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor is not installed. I'm not sure, but if I have the other two DLC, I'd expect I had access to the season pass. In which case, I thought Seeker, Slayer, Survivor was part of that. If I am NOT supposed to have access to the season pass, then it appears that I have Beast of Winter and The Forgotten Sanctum when I probably should not. Can someone please look into whether I am meant to have access to Beast of Winter and The Forgotten Sanctum. Then let me know if I'm meant to have access to Seeker, Slayer, Survivor or if access to the other two will be revoked. Thank you. My Fig account is connected to a different address. Your system wouldn't let me put this address at the top of this form because it says it's already in use by another member (which is me, so it's a very strange message - My forum account is glitching).
  3. A compilation of the new equipment in the 3.0 Seeker, Slayer, Survivor DLC for search and reference. Change Log: Any corrections, additional notes, and suggestions are welcome. 09-30-2018 -- Adds in missing info for Slayer's Claw's Stelgaer's Lunge 09-28-2018 -- Added scaling notes for Keeper of the Flame and Ngati's Tusk. 09-27-2018 -- Added most location acquired fields. Added Pets and Consumables. 09-26-2018 -- Added changeling Armor. 3.0 UNIQUES Champion's Cape - Cape [LAX01_Back_U_Champions_Cape] Champion's Helm - Head [LAX01_Head_U_Champions_Helm] Contender's Armor - Medium Armor [LAX01_Breastplate_Armor_U_Contenders_Armor] Contender's Helm - Head [LAX01_Head_U_Contenders_Helm] Crucible Token - Trinket [LAX01_Trinket_Crucible_Token] Dire Talon - Sabre [LAX01_Sabre_U_Dire_Talon] Hakori's Refuge - Cape [LAX01_Back_U_Hakoris_Refuge] Kahako Nihi - Medium Armor [LAX01_Brigandine_Armor_U_Kahako_Nihi] Keeper of the Flame - Flail [LAX01_Flail_U_Keeper_Of_The_Flame] Muatu's Head - Trinket [LAX01_Trinket_Muatus_Head] Mechanical Marvel - Arbalest [LAX01_Arbalest_U_Mechanical_Marvel] Ngati's Tusk - Pike [LAX01_Pike_U_Ngatis_Pike] The Best Defense - Small Shield [LAX01_Shield_Small_U_The_Best_Defense] The Maw of Ingimyrk - Head [LAX01_Head_U_The_Maw_Of_Ingimyrk] Tooth of Toamowhai - Neck [LAX01_Tooth_Of_Toamowhai] Unstable Coil, Less Stable Coil, Least Stable Coil - Waist [LAX01_Waist_Unstable_Coil_Stage_1] (3 Stages) Windsong - War Bow [LAX01_War_Bow_U_Windsong] 3.0 SOULBOUNDS The Changeling's Mantle - Light Armor [sOULBOUND] [LAX01_Hide_Armor_Soulbound_Changeling_Mantle] NOTE: Aside from the body armor that drops in a trial, you can only receive one of the champion's soulbound items. Seeker's Fang - Rapier [sOULBOUND] [LAX01_Rapier_Soulbound_Seekers_Fang] Slayer's Claw - One-Handed Battle Axe [sOULBOUND] [LAX01_Battle_Axe_Soulbound_Slayers_Claw] Survivor's Tusks - Head [sOULBOUND] [LAX01_Head_Soulbound_Survivors_Tusks] 3.0 PETS & CONSUMABLES Drago - Pet [LAX01_ITEM_PET_Snakelet] Skull of the Fallen - Consumable [LAX01_Skull_of_the_Fallen_Item] Bubbling Chalice - Consumable [LAX01_Bubbling_Chalice_Item] Liquid Adra - Consumable [LAX01_Liquid_Adra_Item]
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