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  1. Thanks for the suggestion (I'm not being sarcastic). The list of DLC in GoG is what prompted me to ask. I can see a whole list of packs and bonuses, including two of the three main DLC. Seeker, Slayer, Survivor does not appear in the long list. I redeemed my code with GoG back when the game was launched. It's been sitting in my library that long while I think about finishing the first Pillars game. I no longer have the email, so I can't check there. I only remember redeeming my key I got as a backer. I wasn't expecting to have Beast of Winter and The Forgotten Sanctum. I don't kno
  2. Ok. So... does that mean that I'm posting my request for help in the completely wrong location? Where do I contact Obsidian regarding what I should have access to?
  3. Have I asked in the wrong location, or has my account been messed up so much that this post isn't even visible?
  4. Hello. I'd like to verify my access to the DLC. It looks like I might have either been given access to DLC I shouldn't have, or I am missing DLC I should have. I'm not sure which is which. I backed on Fig as the COMPLETE PILLARS BUNDLE, which gave me the first game plus DLC (I'm still working my way through that). GoG gave me an offer of a discount on the Season Pass for Deadfire. I had a look at it, and it appears that I already have access to the Beast of Winter and The Forgotten Sanctum. To verify this, I installed Deadfire and I have four of the five icons highligh
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