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Found 4 results

  1. After defeating the ginger school monitor boss, I open the door to the detention room and the cutscene where Craig and the kids in detention plays. Afterwards, the screen flashes to the boys outside the school for a split second and the black loading screen appears and doesn't go away. I still have access to the game menu but the text in the tip bar that rotates at the bottom of the screen look a bit off (ie. little black streaks in the text). I've tried to switch buddies before entering the classroom, I've tried exiting the school and coming back after a few quests, I've even tried loading a 30 minute previous save. Nothing works. Since this is a game progressing cutscene, I can't progress further. Thanks for your help in advance!
  2. Hi, i play on PC (Steam version) and i have an infinite loading after releasing Craig at school. I have a first loading screen with school in background and a second loading screen without backgroung who looping. I have already tried switching my buddy with an other, leave school then back in, unplug my xbox gamepad, disable my second screen, run as administrator, load an old save (before entering school) and i still have infinite loading at end of this mission. My game is updated with the last ~140MB patch. My save file is in attached files. Please help me, i want to continue that game. Thanks Save Slot 001.zip
  3. I'm currently at 29/30 chinpokomon and the last one that I need is Pterdaken...but the problem is that he's on the second floor of the school that's unreachable after the missions at the school have been completed. Not a big deal...but the doors to the school are locked after you've completed all the missions inside of them. It would make sense for things like the UFO to be unreachable after the missions are done (since it blew up)...but the school is still accessible. Those doors weren't even locked when you first saw them and you even blew the front door open so that Token and Tweek could get in, but they lock after you beat the game? That doesn't make sense. Please either open those doors or allow another way to get that Chinpokomon...it doesn't make any sense that they should be locked after the story has been complete.
  4. Started a programming course today (applied some 6 months ago). Got this thought, "Hey, could I share any of the knowledge at the pace that I am learning it myself?" (see Sources at the bottom of this post), so yeah, do what you will with it It is very basic stuff and only 2 months of length (Programming One and Programming Two). Thought it'd be fun to discuss, and perhaps you can learn something from it as well. Like, this, Homework1: "Historically speaking, computers haven't been around too long. The last 20 years, however, development has been rising at a rushing speed. Today in society there are computers and programs in many different forms. Even if we don't think about it we still use products that have been programmed for our daily uses, e.g., when we fuel the car, cash some money at the ATM or when we scan groceries in the local grocery. Imagine that we turn back time about 30 years. Which computer related product would you miss the most that you use today? Which computer related product do you think has influenced the environment with most development the past 30 years, it can be in both positive or negative sense. Motivate your choices and provide source if you refer to fact." Homework2: "Write a program that involves a menu with alternatives. It could, per example, be a lunch menu for a restaurant. Example provided: Above the user has chosen alternative 1 and the food of the day is written on the screen. For the choices, 1-5, different food will be presented. When the user writes 0, the program aborts. You must have one "while-loop" that steers the menu, as well as if-statements that controls the users choices. Remember to comment your code. Sources: This is what I'm using, there is course literature as well but I don't have it just yet. Internet basically, holds all the knowledge any course literature has (and more). * http://en.wikibooks....C _Programming which isn't 100% finished (some stuff in there dated 2006 so I don't think it ever will). * Google is your friend "How to program C++?" I am also using a .pdf that I found in Swedish. Google translate?: * http://www.alesnaweb...mmering_ett.pdf * " svamp = mushroom" in Swedish On being teleported back 30 years, to early 80's... what would I miss? The world in my pocket. Communication. Mobility. Accessibility. The ability to communicate with- and travel the world with greater ease. Coming both more virtually and physically close as one world. I'd miss that progress of that (which is also what I think has grown most in the past 30 years). To be honest, if I were in the early 80's and 24 I'd probably just enjoy myself while it lasted before waking up from some strange dream. The mobile internet. What would you miss? What do you think has evolved the most in the past 30 years?
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