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  1. Any news about my problem ? should I restart the game or can I hope for a fix ?
  2. I'm not 100% sure that was in the forest, i already was captured by my parents few times but when i had the alien probe sequence i think that was in the forest and i entered from the east. Near a transport flag, therefore from kenny's house or the U-Store it. I realized it was night once at home, I could not get out and I needed go to sleep. I'm not certain of all of that, this is not the kind of detail that I'm careful. But i think that was that.
  3. Yes i already had the alien probe sequence. If i remember correctly, my parents scolded me while i was lost in the forest. And during night, Aliens caught me. Strange thing, my brother who also have the game told me it's not normal that i was with my buddy during this sequence. Butters was with me on the map but not in fight. The save bug is appeared before the last ~140MB update. My current build_version.txt is 1361--2014-03-06_08-33PM
  4. Hi, i play on PC (Steam version) and i have an infinite loading after releasing Craig at school. I have a first loading screen with school in background and a second loading screen without backgroung who looping. I have already tried switching my buddy with an other, leave school then back in, unplug my xbox gamepad, disable my second screen, run as administrator, load an old save (before entering school) and i still have infinite loading at end of this mission. My game is updated with the last ~140MB patch. My save file is in attached files. Please help me, i want to continue that game. Thanks Save Slot 001.zip
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