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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Obsidian Staff and Community! Absolutely amazing game that you have mustered up here with the help of Matt and Trey; captures the comedy of the series in all its glory and is genuinely laugh out loud funny from finish to where I am now. I never thought a licensed game could be this good, especially after all the stigma that they have had as just cash-ins, etc. You guys have gone above and beyond! Anywho, I've encountered an error in the PlayStation 3 version of South Park: The Stick of Truth. I've been playing for approximately eight hours and I've got to Clyde's tower finally. I'm there to confront Craig Tucker and upon beating him, I'm stuck in an endless loading screen where I cannot do anything (although after one save state I did manage to get the aim markers, presumably because I hadn't opened both Ike's and Stan's windows). I literally am stuck staring at a load screen all of the other times and I've tried making a save point after the battle because at one point Stan prompted me to climb on up and then I just saw the group of boys and Mr. Slave standing there, but I could not interact. I immediately saved after this state but it takes me to an infinite load screen once again. So basically, the problem is I'm stuck on the load screen after defeating Craig. I am wearing the Swat Helmet, Barbarian Armour and Gloves. I am wielding the Sweet Katana and have the ninja-star like item (name escapes me at the moment) that you can buy from the girls. Something beginning with C. My travelling companion is Cartman and I am a level 14 warrior. I don't really know much else to tell you guys. Has anyone else encountered this? I did a Google Search for key phrases but all I got was PC configuration errors and nothing pointing towards this error. Please help! As I said, the game is great and I'd hate to lose all of my progress to this game breaking bug. Thanks, Steven (SDR-UK)
  2. Hi, i play on PC (Steam version) and i have an infinite loading after releasing Craig at school. I have a first loading screen with school in background and a second loading screen without backgroung who looping. I have already tried switching my buddy with an other, leave school then back in, unplug my xbox gamepad, disable my second screen, run as administrator, load an old save (before entering school) and i still have infinite loading at end of this mission. My game is updated with the last ~140MB patch. My save file is in attached files. Please help me, i want to continue that game. Thanks Save Slot 001.zip
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