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  1. Thanks for the help Arch. Yep, I did get lost in the woods on the first day (before the aliens). Do you know when the PS3 patch will be out to fix this? I've looked online and couldn't find any dates.
  2. After defeating the ginger school monitor boss, I open the door to the detention room and the cutscene where Craig and the kids in detention plays. Afterwards, the screen flashes to the boys outside the school for a split second and the black loading screen appears and doesn't go away. I still have access to the game menu but the text in the tip bar that rotates at the bottom of the screen look a bit off (ie. little black streaks in the text). I've tried to switch buddies before entering the classroom, I've tried exiting the school and coming back after a few quests, I've even tried loading a 30 minute previous save. Nothing works. Since this is a game progressing cutscene, I can't progress further. Thanks for your help in advance!
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