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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Obsidian ! Let's make a deal : Since we haven't reached the 4.75M Stretch Goal for "Sea Monsters & Fishing". BUT, went pretty close to it, having raised roughly about 4.7M. So, for the lack of these missing 50K.... You could just cut out the Fishing part & give us Sea Monsters ? What do you say ? Deal ? After all, 200k were raised for that goal right ? PS : The wait is....... HYPING.
  2. Having a blast testing the PoE backer beta. One annoying hindrance to reporting bugs: Your upload filter blocks .savegame files. As a result I have to append .txt or something to the file extension every time. I'm sure the beta testers (and your devs downloading the attachments) would appreciate not having to do this, no? Thanks
  3. It would be great if threads which OE responds to were marked with a little OE badge, like on some other popular game forums. Clicking the badge would filter and show just the OE responses in the thread. (Or at the very least jump to the first OE post.) This will make it much easier to see which topics already have an official response and what it is. Thanks!
  4. As the number of beta backers jumping into the game grows, those General Threads are going to explode. It will become harder to find specific posts and ideas. But we still need some way of taming the fire-hose nature of excited gamers' brains. I propose multiple forums a la my "other PoE", Path of Exile. Note the categorized Feedback forums. I think the intent of the General Threads matches up well with these. In practice, though, we can't just sticky all of them because it uses too much screen real-estate. So the threads just kind of float around, hoping someone clicks on the General Link at the top and then into the correct sub-thread. Possible sub-forums: Beta Feedback - First Impressions Beta Feedback - Classes, Builds, and Balance Beta Feedback - User Interface (Non-Combat) Beta Feedback - Combat Beta Feedback - Story and Dialog Beta Feedback - Graphics and Animation Beta Feedback - Music and Audio Beta Feedback - Other These sub-forums would provide: More discoverability--currently there are plenty of posts outside of a General Thread that belong in one, because not everyone (myself included admittedly) noticed the General Threads sticky. So currently the devs probably need to look both at the forum and these super-threads. Links on the main beta forums page would nicely funnel the feedback. Better granularity of discussion--users having feedback around the spellbook UI, for example, won't need to "threadbomb" users in the same thread already discussing the Inventory UI. More readability--keeping up with sub-threads is not much easier than refreshing the main screen only to find the post you were just looking at just went to page 2, due to the sheer volume of posts (due people not using the General Threads for reasons explained above). More fun--a player especially interested in the UI could "hang out" in an area separate from the storytelling feedback, for example. Better for devs--as a programmer, if I were focused on the UI, I'd love to have a separate feedback forum targeting my area of the codebase. Please consider doing this, I think it will make our beta testing, reviewing, and discussing much easier! PS--super excited for the next build.
  5. Just saying. Companies like Blizzard wish they had forums this responsive, slick, and feature-rich. They're even mobile friendly and work great on my phone. If these are third-party components, what are you using?
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