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  1. I'll keep a simple point of view. Fact is that I paid 44 Euros for my copy of the game. Did I get what I expected for my money (in general and not based on my expactations after Kotor1)? Speaking only for me it's clearly: No In my opinion the endgame is rushed and unrewarding and doesn't much reflect my actions throughout the game. For me that's an KO criterion for a game like this. I don't say the entire game is bad. I just say I don't see that the game is worth the money I payed. If this won't be changed (and I don't care about the internal franchise/LA/Obidian stuff,
  2. Couldn't care less what the game magazines write nowadays... Should've known better than to buy a game just because it's a sequel to a great title. Just my 2 cents...
  3. I totally feel the same Tarelius. Comparing this game to Planescape: Torment, I came to the personal conclusion, that this game leaves you with a set of tiles of a puzzle that won't fit together. In a well designed story based RPG you should be able to have an influence on the picture you get at the end. Here I don't even get a picture, only fragments. I want the plot to follow the path of my descisions. Isn't that basic to roleplaying? I don't want decisive story aspects to be unsolved or to just make no sense. As for the exiles companions, they just don't develop much depth. Oh yes, we'
  4. In response to tenuveins post and for more insight into my point of view: You really found it sufficient to know that the exile was involved as a general in the battle of Malachor IV with no further info? That's what I knew at the beginning after all. Or did I miss something? How to handle the choices like the following scheme with that info? NPC states something about the PCs role in the war and or how he/she did not follow Revan after that. Choices are something like this: A. "My decision was right. There was no other way." B. "I regret what I've done. The council was rig
  5. I don't feel like writing lots of text right now. Otherwise I would write in detail about what this games lacks to make it up with Kotor 1 and games like planescape tourment, Fallout 1&2 or Baldurs Gate 1 & 2, wich are only a small part of the rpgs i've played . So I'll focus on what for me (yep it's just a personal opinion) is the greatest flaw in the game, namely the bad character introduction. It seems to me that the rpgs i liked best for their story had on thing in common. They all carefully introuced the player into the story. The player always knows enough of the backgroun
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