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  1. kotor1 to me felt way more epic. the plot twist blew me away. i played through the game 3 times in a row. kotor2.. i didn't feel near as attached to the characters.. example being that 'goto' sat and rotted away in my party screen/ in the ship. i didn't use him once. but to each their own, i've seen people that swear by goto and want to have his babies. i felt robbed at the end of kotor2. not like empire strikes back either. i really don't know what to think of the presumed kotor3. at one point obsidian stated they have a guy working with lucas arts on another title. (said by mr. ceo when he addressed the 'great incomplete and unfinished' article at gamespot.) they also state that the new project is not 'a bioware engine and not a sequel.' (written at these forums in one of the many over abundance of kotor3 speculation threads. do a damn search if you need proof.) at this point i really don't give a rip if they do part 3 or not. even if obsidian doesn't develop it, lucas arts WILL BE the publisher, and they are just as much to blame with the great debacle known as kotor2 as obsidian is. yes i played through nwn and its expansions, anyway..
  2. nope, you're far from alone. i had to make room on the pc for my daughters barbie game. i didn't give it a second thought as to what was going to get the axe to make the hard drive space. it won't see the light of day again unless restored content is a part of the patch. which i highly doubt.
  3. i played through as a light side female. that said, i usualy always had bao-dur from the moment he joined the party onward. great with skills + i have a soft spot for zabraks for the other party member i usualy had visas for her dark side force poweress or the disciple. disciple mostly because i really like greg ellis, his voice actor. i agree that the game combat is way too easy. the only challange i had was at the end of the game (the last planet.)
  4. the final retail version didn't make much sense either! if the kotor2 final product that is on store shelves now is any indication of "original ideas or design," then i'd hate to see how they plan on butchuring the neverwinter nights franchise. no they will not openly admit, ever, that lucas put thier iron fist of 'must get holiday sales' deadline down on them. in the end, the result was an unfinished, half assed product, that they knew the masses would go out and blindly purchase, becasue of the success of the first kotor. the game is unfinished and half assed. and now the ceo of the developer is openly stating that the end product met thier vision of how they wanted the game to be. so here's to aurora and her crew being able to do what the original developers didn't, or couldn't or wouldn't... i pray nwn2 is a beautiful thing, not a bargain bin - fire sale of the week. <_<
  5. i too, am having problems with force sight. i did go through the proper conversations with visas, it is listed in my powers, and is clickable on the action bar. just doesn't seem to work for me. it seems to be just as 'broken' as it does a gfx card issue. radeon 9000 pro is my gfx card. frame buffer effects is grayed out for me, however i am able to see lightsaber glow, com link messages, and security cameras. heat from the swoop engines and force sight are not there.
  6. my statement was that doom3 runs flawlessly for me personally, not that ati out performs nvidia.. sorry if your comment on that was not directed at me. responding anyway just in case. as for KotOR3 nwn2 etc etc.. heh, that's a little bit far into the future to be concerned with now. when those come out, if i am due new hardware, i'll do my homework and buy accordingly, like i have always done. :D on a side note, funny that, i used to be nvidia proud. when it was time to upgrade, taking into concideration - finances, i went ati, and have never looked back.
  7. i have the same issue. the troubleshooting guide in the docs folder of KotOR2 says this is a known issue with certain ati cards. all it says is update drivers. lots of good that does if it does not resolve the issue, but you're not alone in this.
  8. um yeah.. again, call me anti consumerist, but i refuse to buy a new gfx card to make ONE game playable, when so many other OPENGL*! based games that i own run smooth as silk.. let's see, doom3, call of duty+ expansion, KotOR1 *shock and amazement*, half life's, hitman's, home world's, realms of torment aka mourning, IL2+pac fighters..just to name a few. YES ati and opengl have a well documented and unique relationship, but gross generalizing and pointing the finger at ati is obsurd.
  9. haha sorry, i refuse to pay for a new video card to make one single game playable. not when every other game runs smooth as butter, not this early in the 'patch waiting game.' not worth it. to each their own. a great free proggy to monitor motherboard, cpu, case, pci and agp slot temperatures is called 'motherboard monitor.' motherboard monitor dl page
  10. i'm having the temperature skyrocketing issue as well. after reading this thread, i scoured the net and found a frighteng amount of ati users have the same problem. installed fine, game starts up fine, but by the time i get about 1/2 way through character creation, my system temp is dangerously high.. 71C.. thank goodness i have tools monitoring/safeguarding these things. my normal operating temp is about 38C. i have a radeon 9000 pro with 5.1 drivers. i tried everything from 4.11 to 5.12 to resolve this issue. no other issues in anything else. :ph34r: thank goodness i have this on the xbox as well.
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